Joyful Holy Family




Bronze statues of young Mary, Joseph and young Jesus

The ‘Joyful Holy Family’ was commissioned for Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church and School in Louisiana. I attempted to portray not only the boy Jesus and his nurturing, loving nature, but also the adoration and awe of his earthly parents. They knew they had a great responsibility but, perhaps, didn’t fully understand what their mission would entail.

I imagine Jesus not only learning the symbolic crafts of a carpenter and creator, but also having a deep love for nature in all its living forms. The sheep and lamb symbolize his later ministry and his influence of love throughout the world.

Item Dimensions Weight Price Shipping
Joyful Holy Family (bronze) 20″ 20x30x20 55.00 lbs $8,500.00 $510.00
Joyful Holy Family (bronze) lifesize 1200.00 lbs $122,000.00 $7,320.00