Noah’s Favorite Tree



Imaginative form follows function as Noah’s animals peer out of the Ark in search of dry land. Designed as a planter, this bronze sculpture can hold a small tree, or a collection of Irises. It can also be used as a fountain. For a medium-sized piece it was amazing how long it took to sculpt. All the detail – Wow! The Ark of course needed to be symmetrical and the animals all identifiable, not just vague gestures. It is always refreshing to create a piece just for fun and I’m pleasantly surprised at how well received these pieces are. It shows me that people need to laugh and smile and not be so serious all the time. I know there are some sculptors that make a very good living creating only whimsical pieces. I think it’s great! We should probably all surround ourselves with some art that invokes a chuckle from us every day.

Item Dimensions Weight Price Shipping
1NT 19x18x24 85.00 lbs $9,000.00 $540.00