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LACASITA RESTAURANT IN SPRINGVILLE, UTAH will be missing a sculpture. Taking my “DELBERT THE DRAGON”©️ to SEDONA, ARIZONA to MOUNTAIN TRAILS GALLERY in Talaqupaque Square !!! He’ll be there tomorrow for your viewing pleasure. We also have small bronze versions at the gallery for you !!! Stop by – get a selfie with DELBERT !!! …see if you can find MORRIS the MOUSE on DELBERT !!! Post a pic on my Gary Lee Price FB PAGE and I’ll send you a gift !!

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Photos from Gary Lee Price Studio's post

WHAT AN HONOR!! Amelia Earhart – The Museum of Flight, Seattle WA Amelia was purchased and donated to the Museum in recognition and memory of women aviators by Dotty & Anne Simpson, both very successful, even “legendary” female pilots. Amelia sits next to a fully restored Lockheed Electra 10 which was successfully flown around the world on the same route that Amelia attempted in 1937, then donated to the museum. The pair are now permanent residents at the museum! HOW COOL IS THAT?!?!

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Art Walk – Nov. 15., 6:30 -9pm. XANADU GALLERY – 7039 Main – Scottsdale, AZ. Please come – would love to meet you! Unveiling 7:30 of two brand new pieces !!

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FOUNDRY FRIDAY “They rise highest who LIFT AS THEY GO!” A peek into the wax/slurry steps of the “lost wax” casting process on “THE ASCENT” this morning… What will YOU do to lift or build someone up today??

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Albert Einstein – One of many in my “Great Contributors” collection.

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WHOOAAA!!! Slooooooooow down that scroll and say hi to…. Abraham Lincoln!! About to have his head welded on!! 🤣 “The best way to predict the future is to CREATE IT!” -Abraham Lincoln

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Your wings already exist, all you need to do is fly! “WINGS” Cessna headquarters – Wichita, KS

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SOUND ON! It’s actually a requirement to have really great music playing while welding these sculptures together! They just don’t turn out quite right if you don’t!! It’s science…

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Photos from Gary Lee Price Studio's post

ARTISTS BEWARE! A personal note on INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY and an ARTIST’S RIGHTS re: his/her legal property. Having been in the ‘business’ of art for 40 years, my advice: NEVER LET ANYONE TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOU nor intimidate you with threats, manipulations, legal action or EXTORTION of YOUR artistic property! Extortion’s definition: “…a gross overcharge, abuse of authority & falsely claiming a right.” There are those unscrupulous businessmen (wolves in sheep’s clothing) out there who will seek to take gross advantage of your IP and creativity. ARTISTS/SCULPTORS BEWARE! Having had to deal with these issues in the past and unfortunately currently – I can refer you to an excellent IP attorney team, should you be in that unfortunate position. Kindest Regards, Gary fnss

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Amelia Earhart getting a tan!! It’s all about that bronze baby!!!

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