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Tools of the trade – how to CREATE A MASTERPIECE! #garyleepricestudio

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I AM Marcos Mendosa

I’m Possible! Give this a listen!

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What does it mean “to be?”

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Photos from Gary Lee Price Studio's post

SOOOOO FUN to drop in at AA and see the progress being made on my 7’ “MESSENGER”©️ !!! THANKS GUYS !!!

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Photos from Gary Lee Price Studio's post

CHINA IS NOTORIOUS FOR STEALING INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY (IP) I’m outraged AGAIN as one of my lifesize bronze sculptures “BOOKWORM” ©glp – has been copied AGAIN in bronze !! Case in point: A friend, Craig Gandolph posted this pic from TV. He was watching ‘the Amazing Race’ filmed in CHINA – and there was ‘my’ highlighted sculpture. He was excited to share it with me. I saw the post – even ‘liked’ it …. but something didn’t feel right. I looked closer (look carefully at my original I posted alongside this fake) and sure enough – IT’S A COPY – lifesize, in bronze! (Also sad – because several of my lifesize originals are permanently installed at the 300,000 sq. ft. HONG KONG LIBRARY) About 10 of my bestsellers are regularly COPIED by CHINA and THAILAND ! I have literally spent hundreds of thousands of $$$ through the years defending MY copyrights. Other sculptors battle this outrageous problem also. On my – at the bottom of the site, is a link –

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The SHEAR POWER of ‘vision boards’: 2-dimensionally or 3-D !!!

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Sunday night – just me and SANTANA 🤙

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