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Don’t forget to tag us if you’re in St. George this weekend! Enjoy the holiday weekend wherever you go! Tag us here on Facebook or Instagram @glp_sculptor ✌☀️

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Another cool segment from Isaiah as the Circle of Friends make their journey to Manhattan, for the Blessing of the Animals exhibition. I LOVE when he sends videos, it’s fun to see what happens behind the scenes of these cross country deliveries.

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Isaiah sent this update last night on his delivery trip. Anyone else cold just watching this!? ❄️☃️

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If you’re in the St. George area this Memorial Day, here’s a fun scavenger hunt for the Gary Lee Price originals around the town. Tag Gary Lee Price on Facebook or @glp_sculptor on Instagram as you go along and take pictures with each sculpture. There is also a installation map on the website with every public Gary Lee Price sculpture around the WORLD! Let’s see how many states & countries we can get tagged in from your photos!

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Riding in style with the Puffed up Prince and Princess today. A seatbelt extension might be a good call… 🤙

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Instagram post by Gary Lee Price Studios • May 17, 2017 at 3:50am UTC

Such a powerful event tonight. Thank you to everyone for showing up and experiencing such a sacred blessing. We will continue to keep you all informed as the Circle of Friends take their journey to Manhattan. Isn’t it amazing how art brings us all together? ✌

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– Windy Days – “For me, nothing captures childhood’s essence more than kids flying kites. We all, and especially children, yearn to fly. There’s something about the sky above. It beckons us to soar. It’s endless. To be able to put together this simple contraption, tear some cloth for a tail, tie it to a tether and watch it take off upward is nothing short of magic for kids.” Gary Lee Price

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7:30 TONIGHT come BBQ with us and check out some GLP original art for sale and other antique items. Now is the time to get the sculptures you’ve wanted! Address is 1856 West Alvey Drive, Mapleton, Utah. CASH ONLY. See you soon!!

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– Flight Time – “We’ve all done it- either been the twirled or the twirler. Remember the rush, the balance, and finally trying to stay upright after the dizziness. I think most of all we remember the laughing and the pure fun as the world continues to spin while we’ve stopped. Perhaps this is one of our first “air-borne” maneuvers that endows us with that sensation that we really can fly- both in body and in spirit. Maybe we should all regularly get a little “flight time” just to get us off the ground a bit and help remind us to keep the proper perspective on things, to laugh more and have a little more fun!” Gary Lee Price

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– The Wright Brothers – “I have always been absolutely fascinated with Orville and Wilbur Wright and astounded how these two tightly knit brothers changed the course of history and how they were able to finally ‘crack the nut’ that had mankind earthbound for centuries! Of course we all know that ideas and inventions build upon each other, but it was these two very unassuming Dayton, Ohio bicycle shop owners, with their practical knowledge of maneuverability and ‘control’, who surpassed all the previous dreamers and predecessors!” Gary Lee Price

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