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Here are some pictures of the Circle of Friends at the event tonight in NYC. Did you know that this sculpture collection has an animal from each continent? Lots of JOY on those faces to be there tonight. We can’t wait to keep sharing more from this incredible weekend. Stay tuned!

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#flashbackfriday Who was the model for that hair? Gary or the cranes??

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Come see us in New York! June 2017 Newsletter

Have you signed up for our newsletter yet? Click the link below to see the June edition that was sent out this morning. This month we’ve featured the images of the Circle of Friends setup in NYC and some other fun announcements! Visit our website to sign up to receive our AWESOME newsletters and hear about events, and sculpture giveaways!

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Instagram post by Gary Lee Price Studios • Jun 20, 2017 at 4:25pm UTC

New York City, we’re coming for you! This week Gary Lee Price has been invited to participate in a live sculpting event at the Central Park Zoo. Also, the GLP original “Circle of Friends” sculpture will be featured at The Cathedral of Saint John the Divine from June 23 – September 10, in Manhattan. Stay tuned for videos, pictures and updates from this incredible week!

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New Seasons might look a little bit creepy in that box … but it is such a beautiful sculpture of a girl releasing butterflies. 🦋 Stay tuned for pictures of the installation. Thanks for the video, Isaiah!

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Ever wonder what happens between Gary’s sculpting and the finished masterpiece? Isaiah is the MAN. Check out this quick video for one step of that cool process.

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Photos from Gary Lee Price Studio's post

This Mayan Jade sculpture was able to take a road trip with Isaiah this weekend in Arizona. She seems like she’s ready to get out of those straps though, right? Safety first, Jade. Sorry! #galleryroadtrips

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Photos from Gary Lee Price Studio's post

“I hope I can assist the world in visualizing a place where fences and boundaries, both real and imagined, are non-existent; a place where bias and prejudice are long forgotten; and finally, a place where acts of kindness, mutual respect, and love are everyday happenings.” – Gary Lee Price

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“Livermore’s own royal couple!” ** Repost from @jasonfrommichigan – love the clever caption. Thanks for the tag! #puffedupprince #Livermore

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– Dream Flight – I awake . . . Laying in my bed, but somewhere else entirely. Is it real or was it just a dream? (Is there a difference?) I can still feel the wind rushing by my face. I touch the canyon walls with my fingertips. The beautiful green below, the vast blue above Colors so vivid ‑ I can taste them. I dip my arm ‑ tilt my hand ‑ I turn with ease. I arch my back ‑ look upward ‑ I ascend My soul is on fire ‑ I can fly! I enter a new dimension I close my eyes and continue my dream . . . -Gary Lee Price

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