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WOW !!! Check it out chicken !!! Are ya up to it ?!?

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Found this HANDSOME GUY on my bike ride this morning. Sad – but at the same time – i think any sculptor of nature doesn’t waste time to pull over and learn some anatomy of the fallen prey. I was amazed at how stubby a ROADRUNNER’s Wings are and yet they can fly so very well when they choose to !!! Like QUAIL… I pulled him off to the side of the road and gave him the dignity he deserved under a date palm . RIP bird buddy!

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Photos from Gary Lee Price Studio's post

It was such a great honor to have a bronze cast of my “SHAKESPEARE”©️ purchased by the Shakespeare Society of Dallas, TX., and donated and permanently installed at the gorgeous Dallas Botanical Gardens. The same goes for this acquisition by the University of Illinois – Springfield Campus. These beautiful pics are from their recently created Shakespeare Gardens – where Shakespeare is the key ‘guest of honor’ for their students & faculty to enjoy. Please drop by and tell both ‘Bards of Avon’ hello for me. Send us a selfie 🤳 with him !!

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When we look upon one of the most recognizable monuments in the world – a powerful symbol of freedom and the ‘American Dream’ – we don’t realize that “LIBERTY ENLIGHTENING THE WORLD” was 20 years in the making! We also don’t realize that at first she was as shiny as a newly minted penny – as her ‘skin’ was pure, shaped & hammered copper. It took her a decade for the copper to oxidize the beautiful verde that we see today . As she began to turn dark (copper oxidizes to a black before turning green) many suggested she be painted white! Do you know the sculptor’s name?

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Photos from Gary Lee Price Studio's post

Very honored to have my sculpture of Mark Twain, Tom Sawyer, and Becky Thatcher at the MARK TWAIN LIBRARY in Redding, Connecticut!

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Creating, and installing America’s first 15’ STATUE OF RESPONSIBILITY at Utah Valley University thanks to Viktor Frankl, Stephen Covey, Leesa Clark Price and UVU President Matthew Holland – April 15th 2015. Great memories – and a vital step to creating the 305’ version on the west coast !!

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OHHH MY OSHKOSH BA GOSH !!! Soooo fun to display my work here at this world’s largest fly-in air-show !!! Even met little AMELIA whose birthday is also today – like my new AMELIA EARHART’s. She was born July 24th, 1897 – she’s 121 today! Happy birthday my friend ! Any friends close by – stop by Hangar D – booth 4090 and say HI !

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Photos from Gary Lee Price Studio's post

I LOVE LOVE LOVED sculpting CLAUDE MONET !!! It’s such a delight watching people interact and enjoying this national icon !!

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Sometimes ya just gotta chill at the Verrado Hills EBB & FLOW coffee shop after a great 104 degree walk up here – and FANTASIZE about taking more classes at the SCOTTSDALE ARTIST SCHOOL !!! Can’t wait to take more with my friend Larry Solomon & my sweetheart Leesa !

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JOURNEYS OF THE IMAGINATION 84” Clinton Macomb Public Library – Clinton Township, WI ©️Gary Lee Price

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