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Photos from Gary Lee Price Studio's post

Alchemy Arts is hard at work pouring up some 22″ Puffed Up Prince sculptures today. That’s 2,000 degrees of hard work! – Puffed Up Prince – “Much of my work is characterized by figures of children enraptured in the joys of childhood. Every once in a while it’s a fun challenge to ‘break the mold,’ so to speak, on traditional figure sculpture and create a piece of pure whimsy. I was sitting in the studio one day looking at a recently completed sculpture of a child and a ball. Wondering what type of a creature would lend itself to a spherical shape; I proceeded to add clay to the ball. Coincidentally, a large jumping frog was visiting in the studio. Every time I touched the frog it would enlarge itself with air. Needless to say, I was inspired and my first spherical creature was created; the ‘Puffed up Prince’, followed by ‘Triumphant’ (a rather robust elephant) and the ‘Cool Cat’. ” – Gary Lee Price

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Photos from Gary Lee Price Studio's post

– Shell Play – ” It was while on a leisurely trip to Mexico, that resulted in my creation of this fountain piece. We had purchased some giant clam shells from the beach vendors and on our way home we stopped and stayed with some friends in Phoenix who had a pool. Our son’s water drenching activities inspired my first fountain piece. The magic to any fountain is the sound of the water.” – Gary Lee Price

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Here’s another segment of Gary talking about the technique and inspiration behind the Reliefs he creates. Aren’t they beautiful?

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HEY YOU! What is your favorite Gary Lee Price sculpture? Want to know what inspired Gary to create it? Let us know which sculpture you’d like to hear about and we’ll create a video of Gary explaining his story!

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Here are some pictures from our event last weekend in St. George, Utah. All of the clay creations from the people who came were incredible! One of the favorite creations was the black dice which represented to him “taking a risk and rolling the dice”. Looking forward to the next Clay Creation event!

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Get out there and explore this weekend. Life is beautiful!

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National Sculpture Society – A Blessing of Animals — Sculptor Gary Lee Price

Looking for an excuse to go to New York this summer?! :) Gary Lee Price and a few other artists have been asked to be a part of a live sculpting demonstration of the Central Park Zoo animals, hosted at the Central Park Zoo on Sunday, June 25. The sculptors will work from life (the Zoo staff will time feedings and use some zookeeper tricks so the animals are visible most of the time). Members of the Central Park Zoo education department will also work with the sculptors and speak to the public – particularly young people – about the animals. Take this opportunity to sculpt the animals alongside Gary! Also, the Circle of Friends sculpture collection will be headed on a road trip to the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in Manhattan for an exhibit around this same time. Stay tuned for videos and photos of their journey from Utah to New York.

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Photos from Gary Lee Price Studio's post

-Circle of Friends – Animals are an essential part of our happiness on this planet. By including an animal from each of the 7 continents, I’ve represented the entire world and our need for interaction and cooperation. Just as in my human version, “Circle of Peace”, “Circle of Friends” represents respect for each other’s uniqueness. Combined with understanding, any gap or indifferences can be bridged. The circle represents the world coming together, “paws” clasped in friendship and unity. This sculpture is not just visual, it’s also about interaction and that’s when relationships begin. As children of all ages notice the gap they’ll be prompted to complete the circle of life. I’ve left a space in the circle for you to join us, I invite your participation! – Gary Lee Price

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