These installations range from educational institutions to corporate headquarters, board rooms, public parks and streets, libraries, airports, and private residences.

Have fun checking them out, and if there’s a Gary Price sculpture that you know of that is NOT on the map, email us and we will add it!

12 thoughts on “Installations

  1. “Monet the Impressionist” is located in the statue park in Versailles, Ohio and was sculpted by Gary Lee Price.

  2. Gabrielle, thank you so much! We will get that updated.

  3. How do I clean the sculpture I bought several years ago. I have “Feathered Friends” in the front of the Groves Subdivision.


    1. Hello Joan! You can view those instructions on our site under “About” and then “Caring for my sculpture” or here

      Thank you!

      1. Dear Gary. This is Joan Judy Browns twin sister. She had you sign a book and gave it to me for our birthday. I met you one in mapleton and was so impressed. I’m trying to read your book but it breaks my heart. I call Farrell the other night to ask him when the good part started. He said I was about there. My heart ❤️ goes out to you. You make me believe there is happy endings. Thanks so much. Joni

        1. Joni, thank you so much for your kind words. We will make sure Gary sees them. And I am certain he sends his love and gratitude back. Thank you!

  4. Frog Serenade was purchased from an art gallery in Santa Fe and installed in my garden in Commerce, Texas 75428 in 2006.

  5. Washington-Centerville Public Library has a “Storytime” sculpture installed at their Woodbourne Library in Centerville, OH.

  6. I just saw the magnificent Shakespeare tableau on a flatbed trailer in a parking lot here in Mountain Brook, Alabama. There is a quote from As You Like It on the back of the bronze bench on which the Shakespeare figure sits. It bore a date of 2005 I think, and I am wondering where it’s been and where this one is going? I do some bronze portraiture and found this piece extremely well done, especially the hair, the folds of the garments, the hands and feet and minute detail on the clothing and on the sides of the tableau. I even liked the way the Shakespeare figure’s forehead skin is not entirely smooth. Please congratulate Mr. Price for me on this extraordinary work of art. Warren Lightfoot.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! We loved being in Mountain Brook and hope to have a reason to go back someday in the near future! Gary thanks you for your kind words as well. – GLP team

  7. Our HOA purchased about 5 or 6 of Gary’s statues back in the late 90’s. 3 or 4 were stolen over the past. We had 2 of them moved to a more secluded area along a trail. One is a girl sitting down and wearing a ball cap. We had her put onto a large rock. I think she was titled Hannah. The other one is a boy spinning around. I have seen children “spin with him”. I do not know the title. This link takes you to the girl in overalls and cap. She was at a main entrance. But now moved to a place on the Huntington trail.

    There once was a girl with arms flung overhead looking upward, a boy kneeling down and petting a dog, a boy which I can no longer recall. Unfortunately these are no longer with us. These were well anchored in the ground. However, signs of large tire tracks and even left behind cables pointed to someone probably stealing them to either steel or melt down.

    So unfortunately we replaced these with inexpensive statues that ultimately are disappearing.

    We are in Omaha, NE and discovered Gary’s work through a friend.

  8. We have two of Gary Lee Price’s sculptures in Montpelier, Idaho. “Story Time II” is in front of A. J. Winters Elementary School and “New Seasons” is by the front desk at Bear Lake Memorial Hospital. His sculptures have added art and history to our town. It would be an honor to have a photo of these beautiful sculptures added to your installation map on this website.

    It was a privilege to have Gary come for a book signing of his “Divine Turbulance” at our elementary school last month in Sept. 2022. Thank you, Gary, for sharing your life’s struggles and successes with us. May your national bookend “Stature of Responsibility” sculpture become a reality in San Diego soon. May it enlighten all of us to help others.

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