Sculptor Gary Lee Price Contributes to the Springer Experience


The sculpture “Flight Time” by Sculptor Gary Lee Price continues to delight the children who attend Springer School and Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. The school is dedicated to educating children with learning disabilities. Shelly Weisbacher, Executive Director at Springer said that the sculpture “has truly become a focal point at the school.” She shared the experience of a young boy telling his father on the first day of school that he knew Springer was going to be a good place because of the happy statue. Shelly is not only the Executive Director of the Springer School but she is also philanthropist. She said “Springer serves students with diagnosed learning disabilities and ADHD.  It can be a scary proposition for a child to leave the school they know and enroll at Springer.  When my husband and I decided to gift this sculpture to the school, it was to honor the children with something truly beautiful and to be a welcoming beacon for families who are first visiting the school.  It’s definitely working!” Gary’s work continues to lift the human spirit through sculpture.