How-To Find a Gary Lee Price Sculpture Anywhere in the World!

How-To Find a Gary Lee Price Sculpture Anywhere in the World!

WE NEED YOUR HELP!! Have you seen one of Gary’s sculptures at your local airport, library, park, or school? If the answer is yes, we would love to include it on our map (if it isn’t already) and give you credit for it. Just snap a few photos and email them to us.
As a thank you gift, we will send you 2 FREE SYNERGY LAPEL PINS!! Please send your clear pictures, location of the statue, and your mailing address to

Here’s how to use the Installations map:

Go to  Click on the Installations tab. A map will appear with “Journeys of the Imagination” icons scattered across it. These represent the locations of Gary Lee Price sculptures all over the world.

To find a particular statue/installation, click on the “Default View” drop down menu.

Listed from A to Z are the names of Gary’s sculptures. Click on the desired title and a new map will generate with icons indicating the locations of that particular sculpture wherever it resides in the world. This is particularly helpful when you would like to find a sculpture near you or a place you will be visiting.

Another way to search the map is by entering a city or zip code. First, make sure you clear the default field to “Default View.” Next, enter the city or zip code you are searching for. Be sure to enter a range in distance of miles to the location you are searching.

To search again, simply refresh the page.


Behind the Scenes With Sculptor Gary Lee Price

Behind the Scenes With Sculptor Gary Lee Price

We all have run across larger than life sculptures in our travels. We’ve touched them, admired them, and even taken selfies with them. It is fascinating to think that somewhere, somehow, someone thought up the idea for it, grabbed a lump of clay, and turned it into the very thing we were looking at. Who is the person with the talent to create this work of art? What inspires them and what did they hope their audience would take away from the experience? Where do they sculpt; at their house, outside in nature, at a studio or workshop? When did they have the idea; in the middle of the night, while observing their surroundings, from a memory or dream? Inquiring minds want to know.

Welcome to our brand-spanking-new blog! If you’re curious to have these questions answered, you are in the right place. We invite you to visit us often here at where you can also sign up for our quarterly newsletter. To give you a taste of what’s to come, check out this short video of a behind the scenes sneak peek of Gary sharing some insights on the creation process.