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NEVER, EVER DOUBT YOURSELF & WHAT YOU CAN CREATE !! We are all born artists with magnificent imaginations and the wherewithal to create just about anything. MAY WE ALL SIMPLY GO FOR IT !!

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LET’S GET SOME INVENTORY OUT THERE!! Come see all this cool stuff at New Masters Gallery in Carmel, CA!!

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I’ve gone from 21 SUBSCRIBERS to 35 on my YouTube Channel in two days !! MASSIVE THANKS EVERYONE !! Could you please help me to get to 100 ? My goal is to give you CONTENT & INFO that will truly help you REALIZE ALL YOUR WILDEST DREAMS AND FANTASIES!!! I’ve got secrets my friends to assist you !!! 🧠Please ‘LIKE’ & ‘SUBSCRIBE’ MASSIVELY APPRECIATED !!

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“Don’t downgrade your dream just to fit your reality. Upgrade your conviction to match your destiny.” -Zig Ziglar . . “New Heights of Knowledge: Dreams” ©️Gary Lee Price . #dreams #imagine #destiny #knowledge #conviction #learning #book #books #madeinamerica #bronzesculpture #fineart #lostwaxcasting #garyleeprice

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Photos from Gary Lee Price Studio's post

May I PLEASE ASK YOU to go to my YouTube channel Gary Lee Price Studio channel and ‘LIKE’ and subscribe? Here’s what that YouTube Channel looks like. MUCH THANKS !!! My goal is to create FASCINATING & INTERESTING NEW & INSIDE STUDIO & FOUNDRY INFORMATION only available on this channel.

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“Don’t tell me the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon.” -Paul Brandt

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MUSING – LOVE it here in !! Love our space !!! Can’t wait to have St. FRANCIS join us !! We’ve reserved a very special place for him.

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My new 3”x4” clay maquette for my upcoming life~size JEANNE D’ARC. She will be my latest in the ‘GREAT CONTRIBUTOR SERIES’. I’m excited!!

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Living here now in the Southwest helps me appreciate architecture even more. It’s so BEAUTIFUL when form & function & flora come together in perfect unison !! This is one of our neighbors homes just down the road .

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