Every year I’m absolutely astounded when irises begin their bloom. I just find it hard to believe that just a simple flower could be so huge, incredibly varied in shape, and so diverse in color and hue. It’s the ultimate in show and I feel an affinity with Van Gogh and his obsession with them. The only mistake God made with them was letting them wither and fade so quickly, but maybe he made up for it by letting the beautifully designed ‘blades’ last the rest of the season, unlike daffodils and tulips. That must be why the flowers are so spectacular – storing up all that energy in the tubers all summer long.

Of all my floral bas-reliefs, I truly enjoyed creating this one the most.

Gary Lee Price



Irises 34″ (Bronze)
Dimensions 34″H x 34″W
Weight 100 lbs
Price $3,600.00
Shipping $216.00
Year 1994