The Sculptor



Bronze statue of man sculpting

This piece represents the ability we each have to carve out our individual destinies. As I sculpt in my studio, slowly shaping and forming figures to my liking, it occurs to me that we all have that same ability with our own bodies, minds or whatever we choose.

We are all sculptors in our own right and with persistence, awareness and sensitivity we can truly create works of art ‑ possibly even masterpieces.

Item Dimensions Weight Price Shipping
1TheSculptor 20x19x11 30.00 lbs $3,000.00 $180.00
1TheSculptorStainless 20x19x11 40.00 lbs $5,800.00 $348.00
The Sculptor (miniature) 7×5.5×3.5 5.00 lbs $1200.00 $72.00