Journeys of the Imagination


Monday, July 23 – Sunday, July 29, 2018


WE’RE COMING BACK BABY! Last year was a BLAST and we can’t wait to do it again! What an absolutely breathtaking, adrenaline-inducing, awe-inspiring party EAA Airventure is!! We will still be in Hangar D, but a little closer to the main door. Come back and see us! We will have SEVERAL new sculptures to show off, and you’ll be the first to see two of them. 

Journeys of the Imagination‘ (pictured above) is a portrayal of me as a kid. I have always been fascinated by aviation and my dad captured that perfectly in this sculpture. As a kid, I would fold paper airplanes out of any scrap piece of paper laying around no matter where I was – at home, school, church, you name it (I even went everywhere wearing goggles and a cape)! I started flying at 16, and here I am 16 years later, and get to party with you in Oshkosh! My dream as a kid actually came true, and I know many of you have similar stories. Come and see which sculpture best represents YOU and YOUR JOURNEY THROUGH THE SKIES!”

-Isaiah Price (Manager – Gary Lee Price Studios, Inc., G-150 pilot)




Info about the show:

The World’s Greatest Aviation Celebration has it all when it comes to aircraft. Warbirds. Vintage. Homebuilts. Ultralights. Some you would normally find in a hangar at your local airport, others so unique they are the only one of their kind.

You name it, there’s likely an example of it at Oshkosh.

For many, arriving at Oshkosh is a rite of passage that can only be satisfied by being one of the more than 10,000 aircraft flying in, landing at what becomes the busiest airport in the world.

Whether you’re an aviation enthusiast or an aviation novice, AirVenture has something for you. No matter what your age, you’ll be entertained, informed, and thrilled by the countless activities available that reflect “The Spirit of Aviation” all around.

Daily air shows. Aerobatics and pyrotechnics. Nightly concerts. Feature films at the Fly-In Theater. Forums, workshops, and demonstrations. KidVenture. Special programming at Theater in the Woods. All of this, plus much, much more is included with your daily admission.

Add in the crowd-thrilling, show-stopping Night Air Show on Wednesday and Saturday night, and you have affordable fun for the entire family every day from sunup to well past sundown.

There is uniqueness to each AirVenture that keeps lifelong attendees coming back for more. You need to experience it to understand.

Experience AirVenture with us. Your spot along the flightline is waiting for you.



Monday, July 23 – Sunday, July 29, 2018

EAA Convention Grounds
3000 Poberezny Road
Oshkosh, WI 54902

Attendance: Anticipated to be around 600,000.

Total aircraft:
 More than 10,000 aircraft arriving at Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh and other airports in east-central Wisconsin.

Total showplanes: 2,991 (up 5 percent over 2016) – including 1,107 homebuilt aircraft, 1,162 vintage airplanes, 351 warbirds, 1685 ultralights and light-sport aircraft, 79 seaplanes, 54 rotorcraft, 60 aerobatic aircraft, and 10 hot air balloons.