Bronze outdoor sculpture of Native Americans climbing up a cliff

Grab hold,
And take this hand that
Reaches out to you.

Look up
Into my eyes;
My spirit
Cries out to you:
Friendship is my thought.

Let us climb
The jagged cliffs of life
And fight the ascent of
Opposition together.

If I can lift you today,
You will look back
And grab the hands of a thousand more.

That is the way
The Great Spirit would have it!

-Howard Rainer, Native American Poet

Two Native Americans are struggling on the face of a jagged cliff. The one above reaches out and extends himself, grasping for the one below. The one below looks up and also reaches out to receive the hand of safety and strength. Climbing the mountain of life we learn, grow and, hopefully, increase in wisdom. As we continue the trek, we realize it is not just about ourselves. It is then that we pause, turn around, and reach out our hand in assistance to those who can benefit from our travels.

This sculpture epitomizes the struggle to overcome opposition and difficult personal challenges and the absolute need we have for others to reach out, bring us in and raise us up.

Having grown up in the West and being a small part Cherokee, I’ve always had an affinity for capturing the spirit of my forefathers. I have aspired to create pieces that have depth. I have wanted to portray individuals of grace, strength, and beauty.

Several years prior to creating this piece, I went through a series of personal crises. It was a very difficult time for me and yet, as always, I was taken care of. Several close friends reached out and lifted me up in my hour of need. While creating this sculpture, I reached within. I relied on my own experiences, ones that showed me that people really do care and that our true friends are those who do not judge or shun, but rather reach out and bring us in. These are the individuals with complete grace, absolute strength, and true beauty.

The letters I’ve received from people describing how a piece has inspired or lifted them are many. The ones describing ‘The Ascent’ are the most numerous and most touching.

Item Dimensions Weight Price Shipping  
Ascent Monument 16’x5’x4′ 2600.00 lbs $158,400.00 $9,504.00  
Ascent Wall Plaque 16″x9″ 12.00 lbs $1,820.00 $109.00  
Ascent Free Standing (arms not linked) 32″x6″x6.5″ 29.00 lbs $2,900.00 $174.00  
Ascent Free Standing #2 (arms linked)  28″x6″x6.5″ 26.00 lbs $2,900.00 $174.00  
Ascent Wall Hanging 70″x19″x8″ 115.00 lbs $21,700.00 $1,302.00