On The Wings Of Freedom



Perhaps now more than ever, we Americans realize and cherish the freedoms that we enjoy on a daily basis. The vision for this incredible country has always been freedom – freedom to soar to our highest potential, unfettered and unbound by those who prefer oppression and control.
America is truly a beacon – where humanity, made up of all races and creeds of the world, can come together, unite and enjoy the privilege of working and playing, worshiping and dreaming as we wish.

As we continue to raise and teach our children the necessity and value of our freedoms, may we look forward with renewed strength and courage. May we fly upward on eagle’s wings, renew our vision and truly become all that we might be!

Gary Lee Price


On the Wings of Freedom 126″ (Bronze)
Dimensions 126″H x 120″W x 84″D
Weight 1500 lbs
Price $115,000.00
Shipping $6,900.00
Year 2004


On the Wings of Freedom 15″ (Bronze)
Dimensions 15″H x 12″W x 6″D
Weight 15lbs
Price $2,150.00
Shipping $129.00
Year 2001