BUDDHAPHANT was inspired by The Buddha – the Enlightened One, and by my love and admiration for elephants. It is not a depiction of Ganesha, the Indian God and remover of obstacles (although, i do believe that when we think light, become the light, and share the light – indeed many obstacles do disappear!). I wanted to create a sculpture that not only could make us smile, think higher thoughts and raise our vibration – but also, inherently contains a profound meaning as well.

I believe we all eventually come to realize that simply calming our minds, taking time to ‘breathe’ and go ‘within’ can bring us a wonderful peace of mind. Our profound human need to become INTERNAL versus EXTERNAL, in my opinion, is the way we change the world – make it a better place for us all. Gandhi’s prolific statement is often quoted – “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” For me, that is the only way. Let us THINK LIGHT – BE THE LIGHT – SHARE THE LIGHT.

Gary Lee Price

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