Daffodils Cut


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I decided to take a ‘sabbatical’ from my bas-reliefs where I typically depict not only the showy part of the plant, but its roots as well. In this fairly large piece I wanted to give lots of space and reverence to the cut flower – based on my experience of harvesting some of my plantings each spring for our home. The daffodil is my second favorite flower next to the Iris.

As well as the flower itself, I enjoyed the design and sculpting of the stems. The subtlety of the ridges along the stem, engineered for support like metal angle iron in bridge and tower construction, were fun to include in the piece. Odd and even numbers as well as the placement of the flowers were all fun issues to resolve.

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Daffodils Cut 37×27 100.00 lbs $2,900.00 $174.00