When creating this sculpture, I also created a powerful memory from digging up my model –  live bulbs and flowers. I was careful to leave all intact, in order to depict the ‘whole story’, not just the ‘show’. It seemed almost sacrilegious to have to unearth the actual life-giving force, the bulb, in order to illustrate its origins. However, the rich, black, loamy soil willingly gave up its grip so I could expose and capture for the entire world the complete magnificence of this little miracle of nature. Daffodils have been part of the symbolism of life and new beginnings for centuries, as they are some of the first flowers to pop up in spring.

Gary Lee Price



Daffodils 30″ (Bronze)
Dimensions 30″H x 20″W
Weight 80 lbs
Price $2,600.00
Shipping $138.00
Year 1994