Saint Francis



Saint Francis, to me, epitomizes the virtues of service to others and dedication to a higher, more noble cause. One of my inspirations for including him in the “Great Contributors” series was the classic, twenty year old movie Brother Sun, Sister Moon. It masterfully portrays St. Francis’ journey from “son of wealth” to dedicated monk. I created this piece so you can sit next to him and enjoy his absolute reverence and fascination for the simple miracles of life. As we rub shoulders with this spiritual giant may his life and example inspire and motivate each of us to look deeper, reach higher and increase our respect and awe for life.

Gary Lee Price

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Saint Francis 52″ (Bronze)
Dimensions 52″H x 70″W x 48″D
Weight 700 lbs
Price $57,900.00
Shipping $3,570.00
Year 2005


Saint Francis 17″ (Bronze)
Dimensions 17″H x 19″W x 14″D
Weight 40 lbs
Price $6,300.00
Shipping $360.00
Year 2005