Monet Gaggle


A few years ago, while on a journey to Monet’s homeland of Giverny, France, I visited the countryside and with pleasure, absorbed the natural garden-like settings that Monet so beautifully captured in his masterpieces. While there, I discovered a treasure written by one of his contemporaries, who nostalgically described how the famous painter would roam this same landscape, followed by a gaggle of children, in search of a new scene to impress upon his canvas.

I imagined the children, carefree in their movements and happy in their simple conversations, following behind the great, renowned artist. Being in the midst of this charming setting, I momentarily enjoyed this ingenuous, wonderful daydream and envisioned this sculpture.
Although sculpture is very dimensional, nothing is more visually powerful than a great silhouette. I designed this work with that in mind, so you could instantly see all the components of this fun, true-to-life scene. While Claude Monet proudly carries his painting supplies, the children spring into the scene. They are so happy and eager to join him. The procession is energetic and lively abounding with pure enthusiasm for life’s simple adventures.

Gary Lee Price



Monet Gaggle 10″ (Bronze)
Dimensions 10″H x 42″W x 6″D
Weight 30 lbs
Price $5,900.00
Shipping $354.00
Year 2003