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On The Wings of Love

On The Wings of Love One of our valued clients shared with us the following story, illustrating how wonderful it is when art can stand as a lasting tribute to love. My husband and I built and flew an airplane from 2000 to 2004!  At one of the small airports that we stopped at I saw this statue and loved it.  I saw it again later at a local garden tour.  When my husband passed away suddenly in 2005, I […]

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Questions That Matter

Questions That Matter Yesterday a call came into the office. The conversation started with the usual surface level conversation about the particulars of timelines, payment, and shipping details. I heard a loving mother speak to me about the sculpture she was purchasing to honor her son. Then something beautiful happened. The conversation took a turn when I asked the question “Can you tell me about your son?” As she did my heart connected with hers. She said he was a […]

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