Cartwheel Kids



Product Description

Bronze outdoor sculpture of children performing cartwheels

Nothing exemplifies the enjoyment of open spaces like kids doing cartwheels.

As I watched these kids playing in the park, I tried to capture their enthusiasm and adventuresome nature; qualities that at times we lose sight of. I hope these kids ‘re-remind’ us to have fun in all that we do!

Item Dimensions Weight Price Shipping
Cartwheel: 2 hands Boy (life-sized) 76x48x28 180.00 lbs $16,700.00 $1,002.00
Cartwheel: 1 hand Boy (life-sized) 64x56x28 160.00 lbs $16,700.00 $1,002.00
Cartwheel: Ponytail Girl (life-sized) 72x64x32 180.00 lbs $16,700.00 $1,002.00
Cartwheel: Crabwalk Girl (life-sized) 32x36x60 150.00 lbs $16,700.00 $1,002.00
Cartwheel: Crabwalk Girl (small) 8x6x14 10.00 lbs $2,040.00 $122.00
Cartwheel: 1 hand Boy (small) 16x14x5 10.00 lbs $2,040.00 $122.00
Cartwheel: 2 hands Boy (small) 19x10x5 10.00 lbs $2,040.00 $122.00
Cartwheel: Ponytail Girl (small) 18x15x5 12.00 lbs $2,040.00 $122.00
Cartwheel Kids SET small $7,300.00 $438.00
Cartwheel Kids SET large $60,400.00 $3,624.00

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