Bookworm II



After creating Bookworm; demonstrating a young boy’s zest for reading & knowledge, I knew I needed to replicate this passion in a young girl. Of course, she too would be totally enraptured in her reading.
A young girl, ponytail atop her head, standing in front of a large stack of books. She is holding a large book, her hand placed at the top eager to turn the page. Her expression shows serenity yet excitement as she ventures into this book with many more yet to come. A zest for knowledge that has been triggered by the wonderful world of reading. LEARNING IS FUN!

Gary Lee Price



Bookworm II 46″ (Bronze)
Dimensions 46″H x 24″W x 32″D
Weight 160 lbs
Price $15,200.00
Shipping $912.00
Year 1995


Bookworm II 24″ (Bronze)
Dimensions 24″H x 14″W x 14″D
Weight 35 lbs
Price $3,900.00
Shipping $234.00
Year 1995


Bookworm II 17″ (Bronze)
Dimensions 17″H x 5″W x 7″D
Weight 15 lbs
Price $2,100.00
Shipping $126.00
Year 1996


Bookworm II 7″ (Bronze)
Dimensions  7″H x 2″W x 3.5″D
Weight 4 lbs
Price $720.00
Shipping $43.00
Year 1994