Learning Curve



A child and oodles of great books all in a curve – how could this piece be more appropriately named?! Arches and curves have always been important elements in the design of my sculptures. The curve is powerful, pleasing and fundamental because if you continue it a circle is formed. Circles or mandalas have always been great symbols for unity, energy and creation. I also like the arch design of this piece as it reminds us of a bridge, and bridges bring us together!

Gary Lee Price


Learning Curve 96″ (Bronze)
Dimensions 96″H x 144″W x 32″D
Weight 1400 lbs
Price $95,000.00
Shipping $5,700.00
Year 2006
Learning Curve 32″ (Bronze)
Dimensions 32″H x 32″W x 13″D
Weight 65 lbs
Price $9,900.00
Shipping $594.00
Year 2006
Learning Curve 11″ (Bronze)
Dimensions 11″H x 16″W x 6″D
Weight 15 lbs
Price $2150.00
Shipping $129.00
Year 2006