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Oh, the carefree innocence of youth. This piece (originally conceived for a life-size commission) implies a regression in time for us parents; back when the most important things on our minds were recess and playing with our friends. Back also when we dared things that were a bit risky: the letting-go no-hands-leaps-of-faith. May we never lose sight of spontaneity and courage as adults.

Gary Lee Price


Freewheelin’ [with dog] 59″ (Bronze)
Dimensions 59″H x 60″W x 42″D
Weight 200 lbs
Price $28,500.00
Shipping $1,620.00
Year 1996


Freewheelin’ 13″ (Bronze)
Dimensions 13″H x 13″W x 6″D
Weight 12 lbs
Price $2,200.00
Shipping $132.00
Year 1996