Windy Days Boy


Bronze sculpture of boy running with a kite

For me, nothing captures childhood’s essence more than kids flying kites. We all, and especially children, yearn to fly. There’s something about the sky above. It beckons us to soar. It’s endless. To be able to put together this simple contraption, tear some cloth for a tail, tie it to a tether and watch it take off upward is nothing short of magic for kids.

To feel the power of the wind through the string–and of course, then to feel the string snap and we’ve had to chase our kite down through the fields or neighborhood. This sculpture is a symbol of those simple and magical times of childhood.



Item Dimensions Weight Price Shipping
1WDBsmall 8x5x5 5.00 lbs $1025.00 $62.00
1WDBMED 24x12x14 30.00 lbs $3,400.00 $204.00
1WDBLrg 64x60x36 180.00 lbs $21000.00 $1,296.00