Etch A Sketch®


I came home from the studio one evening, entirely exhausted, and there was our son Raphael plopped on the floor going at it with his new toy. It was so picture perfect I couldn’t have posed him any better. He hadn’t even taken his coat off; he was so entranced with his doodles. I knew I had to capture the moment, and being quickly rejuvenated I grabbed my clay and went to work on the small maquette. It was very rewarding to have one of the life-sized versions end up at the Etch A Sketch headquarters in Bryan, Ohio.

Gary Lee Price


Etch A Sketch® 24″ (Bronze)
Dimensions 24″H x 40″W x 24″D
Weight 95 lbs
Price $10,500.00
Shipping $630.00
Year 2004


Etch-A-Sketch® 4″ (Bronze)
Dimensions 4″H x 10″W x 5″D
Weight 8 lbs
Price $1,200.00
Shipping $72.00
Year 1997