Having graduated in 1981 from the University of Utah in painting and drawing, I’ve always had a great admiration and affinity to painters and I’ve always been moved by Monet’s works. Being a pretty serious gardener myself, it was only a matter of time before making the trek to Giverny, France – home of Monet’s water lily pond, home, garden and studio. It was glorious for my sons, Isaiah and Ty and I to walk the streets of this beautiful, quaint little town and stroll around the very garden Monet created and painted from. After that visit, and having done plein-air painting myself, I knew I had to capture the ‘Father of Impressionism’ and include him in my Great Contributors series.

I hope you’ll come and sit and get to know this magnificent man as he creates his next masterpiece.

Gary Lee Price


Monet 53″ (Bronze)
Dimensions 53″H x 60″W x 58″D
Weight 450 lbs
Price $57,000.00
Shipping $3,270.00
Year 2003


Monet 17″ (Bronze)
Dimensions 17″H x 18″W x 16″D
Weight 40 lbs
Price $6,000.00
Shipping $360.00
Year 2003