Beginners Luck


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Every summer as a youngster, my grandfather would have me get on the train and travel across southern Idaho to Gooding. He and my grandmother would pick me up at the Shoshone train depot. En route I’d contemplate the great times I’d have for the next 2 or 3 weeks. My grandparents made sure my every need and whim was well taken care of. A big part of my annual trek was the fishing trips. Although I took artistic license in exaggerating the extent of the beginner’s luck, more often than not my grandpa’s wisdom far outperformed my enthusiasm, thus helping me appreciate all the more when I’d catch the first fish. I dedicate ‘Beginners Luck’ to grandparents and parents alike that spend the time with their kids and grandkids figuring out life at the end of a fishin’ pole. There’s plenty of room on either bench for you or your friends to join in!

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Beginner’s Luck Man (life-sized) 58x60x86 400.00 lbs $22,800.00 $1,368.00  
Beginner’s Luck Boy (life-sized) 58x60x86 330.00 lbs $19,800.00 $1,188.00  
Beginner’s Luck Bookends 13x21x10 26.00 lbs $4,000.00 $240.00  
Beginner’s Luck Bench SET     $38,400.00 $2,304.00  
Beginner’s Luck Bench Only     $10,000.00 $600.00