New Horizons




Bronze sculpture of children reading

Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding – the fundamental elements of “New Horizons”. Within this ‘monument to knowledge’ I wish to give expression to the idea that there are always answers, always solutions to the challenges that are before us. Perhaps this concept is best expressed by Ralph Waldo Emerson:

“What lies before us, and what lies behind us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us!”

If we are but willing to search and seek out the knowledge, most of which truly lies deep within each of us, and then apply wisdom and understanding, the future can be as bright as we will it to be. And when our vision is clear and optimistic our souls can revel and rejoice in the joy and happiness that we were truly created for. Full set also available for purchase.

Item Dimensions Weight Price Shipping  
1Understanding Mini 5x7x3 5.00 lbs $750.00 $45.00  
1Understanding Intermediate 13x20x9 25.00 lbs $3,300.00 $198.00  
1Understanding Monument 36x22x60 160.00 lbs $12,200.00 $732.00  
1Knowledge Mini 10x3x4 5.00 lbs $1000.00 $60.00  
1Knowledge Intermediate 31x10x10 5.00 lbs $4,900.00 $294.00  
1Knowledge Monument 82x36x24 200.00 lbs $16,500.00 $990.00  
1Wisdom Mini 5x7x3 5.00 lbs $750.00 $45.00  
1Wisdom Intermediate 13x20x9 25.00 lbs $3,300.00 $198.00  
1Wisdom Monument 36x22x60 160.00 lbs $12,200.00 $732.00