The Natural



This boy’s trademarks are self-confidence and love of life. It all adds up to being a “natural” at baseball. The ball is thrown with fluidity; the bat connects with a powerful crack; the bases zip by as his little legs are a blur. I feel proud as I watch his games. That’s my boy, it’s your boy, it’s you and me as we reflect on those good ole days at the baseball diamond.

Gary Lee Price



The Natural 49″ (Bronze)
Dimensions 49″H x 26″W x 20″D
Weight 125  lbs
Price $13,000.00
Shipping $780.00
Year 1996


The Natural 8″ (Bronze)
Dimensions 8″H x 3″W x 3″D
Weight 5 lbs
Price $720.00
Shipping $43.00
Year 1996