Bronze statue of horses

Horses are such noble creatures and historically have carried mankind into our present age of high-tech and blazing speeds. What’s interesting to me is that in spite of all the technology, horsemanship is more in vogue than ever. There’s a basic, primal need for humanity to stay in touch with its roots – to be if not one with mother earth at least to be barefoot occasionally.

Speaking from experience, it’s one thing to watch movies such as ‘The Man From Snowy River’ and sense the power and majesty of the horse, and something completely different to own, be around and ride our equine friends. The latter is when real respect and awe are developed. They are simple and languid yet complex and animated; second only to humans, in my opinion, to sculpt.

I tried to capture the noise, power, rhythm and harmony in one unified mass.


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1SE 13x16x11 30.00 lbs $3,700.00 $222.00