Nature’s Friends



Children make friends easily, not only with each other but with Mother Nature and her creations. The ability to befriend and have respect for all living things is not only a gift our youth come into this life with, it is a talent we all need to nurture. Being close to and making friends with our animal and bird friends is a vital link to our understanding and is a paradigm for the way the world works. We are all dependent upon each other if we are to live in peace and harmony.

(Frog Serenade) Children have enjoyed playing with frogs for centuries. Frogs have been symbolic to many cultures and represent everything from perseverance to prosperity. This child indulges his fantasies with myriad different exotic frogs and listens with pleasure to his friends’ melodies. If he listens and observes carefully, they will impart their wisdom for a long and prosperous life.

(Words of Wisdom) Throughout time children have been enthralled with the magic of flight and have always enjoyed the companionship of birds. Many myths and legends include mankind’s ability to take flight and perhaps having birds as friends keeps fresh in our minds our ability to spread our wings and soar to new heights.

Our young friend is a student of life with her sketch pad and pencil close at hand. She watches in awe as her friends gather at her offering and she partakes of their wisdom. The owl shares his knowledge while the hummingbirds represent jewels and lights from different orbs. The butterflies symbolize the change and rebirth we experience as we learn and grow.

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