Training Wheels


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Bronze sculpture of girl on bike

Wheels is the key word here. Remember what is was like to have those techno-wonders placed under your body and feel their instant mobility and speed? Do you remember the feeling of fright as you realized your enthusiasm had over-ruled your ability to control these modern marvels. Did you ever experience one of those crashes when you thought you’d die on that very spot? I remember plowing into the rear of a parked car while I was racing away from my brother in a speeding bicycle game of cops & robbers. My head was turned looking backwards as my feet were swiftly pedaling forward. As I lay there moaning on the ground with the posse standing over me I was sure I would soon see welcoming white angels escorting me toward the pearly gates.
Training wheels are those pre-emptive steps before the ‘big time’ – “look ma, no hands!

Item Dimensions Weight Price Shipping  
Small 8x8x3 8.00 lbs $1,380.00 $83.00  
Life-Sized 42x48x22 130.00 lbs $16,000.00 $960.00