Story Time



Bronze statue of children reading

Many times at our home, the poor television gets ignored because of so many good books. We like to dive right in! Every once in a while, maybe every few days or so, we come up for air and turn on the news just to make sure that the world still exists and that everything is on proper course. Then we buzz to the bookstore, buy a stack, and then come back home and dive in again. Poor television…

These pieces represent the joy that comes from being with those you love and immersing yourself into a great story. Sitting back to back, these two children are comfortably propped against each other; bent over their books, anxious to turn the page, ready to explore.

Item Dimensions Weight Price Shipping  
Mini 4x6x3 6.00 lbs $850.00 $51.00  
Intermediate 12x24x9 30.00 lbs $3,600.00 $216.00  
Life-Size 34x60x24 220.00 lbs $25,600.00 $1,536.00
Boy Only 12x24x9   $1,800.00 $108.00
Girl Only 12x24x9   $1,800.00 $108.00