Unlimited Horizons



“UNLIMITED HORIZONS” is about life’s journey – not just the final destination! As our young pilot looks up at the vast skies and contemplates his next flight, he is fully aware that although he is going to arrive at his destination, his journey has only begun! He realizes that not only will there be many storms and course corrections along the way, it will be worth the effort and he will find incredible joy and happiness  en route !

As I see it, in my mere 66 years, over and over again LIFE and it’s beautiful orchestration reminds us that it is a ‘continuum’ and that we never really arrive no matter how badly we want to and no matter how much we want to master something! There always seems to be another problem to solve, another challenge to overcome and another mountain to climb – and fortunately another beautiful scene to witness and experience! The GOOD NEWS is that through that flux, that constant shift and change, we learn, grow, and add wisdom to our character. We hopefully become better people individually and a better humanity as a whole!

I also find that occasionally it’s not only fun and necessary to fly solo and venture out alone – usually the trip is a lot more fun with great friends and family!

Gary Lee Price


Unlimited Horizons 75″ (Bronze)
Dimensions  75″ H x 36″ W x 50″ D
Weight 250 lbs
Price $36,000.00
Shipping $2160.00
Year 2021


Unlimited Horizons 40″ (Bronze)
Dimensions 40″H x 28″W x 19″D
Weight 90 lbs
Price $9,400.00
Shipping $516.00
Year 2011


Unlimited Horizons 10″ (Bronze)
Dimensions 10″H x 5″W x 4″D
Weight 10 lbs
Price $1,380.00
Shipping $83.00
Year 2011


Unlimited Horizons 5″ (Bronze)
Dimensions 5″H x 3″W x 3″D
Weight 1 lbs
Price $600.00
Shipping $36.00
Year 2011