Children of Peace



I really enjoyed creating this piece; children are the hope of the future and if anything represents peace, it is children releasing doves into the air! I wanted to depict both genders – representing all of mankind in the same noble effort. The arched backs are congruent with the energy and design of the piece, and holding olive branches and roses (further symbols of peace) brought in the element of nature.

Peace is something our world cries out for and as an artist and a father, I believe it starts with our children. If our youth have the opportunity to grow up in peaceful and loving homes and are taught early of the need for harmony and concern – the entire world, the entire universe, will spin in a brighter and higher direction. In my sculpture, the children’s bodies form simple arches, and arches are the beginning of circles and circles are simple and beautiful forms that represent peace, harmony and eternity.

Gary Lee Price

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