Zac, my oldest boy, first modeled for this piece when he was about nine years old. His long, sinewy, but well-muscled body was perfect for this piece, just as I had visualized it. It was as though his arms really were wings reaching out as far as they could. Of all the sculptures I have created over the years, Wings is one of my favorites.

It’s a very therapeutic piece for me; it represents the freedom and the joy we so often lose while focusing on our demanding and busy lives. The mail-order glider becomes a symbol of our dreams and aspirations. With this creation, I wanted to express childhood and fascination with flight. To me, flight represents release from our restraints and rising above our problems. With flight, we often gain that all-so-important perspective on the world, on life. I feel like I have to take a couple of flights each year just to rise above the earth and rediscover some of that vision.

Gary Lee Price


Wings 112″ (Bronze)
Dimensions 112″H x 84″W x 39″D
Weight 375 lbs
Price $38,000.00
Shipping $1,920.00
Year 2018


Wings 50″ (Bronze)
Dimensions 50″H x 38″W x 23″D
Weight 90 lbs
Price $9,900.00
Shipping $422.00
Year 1995


Wings 18″ (Bronze)
Dimensions 18″H x 12″W x 7″D
Weight 20 lbs
Price $1,960.00
Shipping $234.00
Year 1993


Wings 8″ (Bronze)
Dimensions 8″H x 7.5″W x 3″D
Weight 3 lbs
Price $720.00
Shipping $35.00
Year 1993