Fine Feathered Friends


Product Description

Fine Feathered Friends was inspired by the bird lovers in our family. My wife is an avid bird nut. I once made the mistake of surprising her with the ultimate parakeet – a blue and gold Macaw! After wearing ear plugs for two years, I finally talked her into trading it in for a horse. Now we only have an African grey parrot, a sulphur-crested cockatoo and a small green screecher. Seems she’s got to have her birds – and her horses!

I guess I can’t talk too loudly about our families’ bird collectors. Since making our pond, I’ve added to the collection two swans and six Canadian geese plus five hundred trout and a bunch of Koi.
Fine Feathered Friends is dedicated to those of us who enjoy the ornithological world and find simple pleasure in watching them flutter about. Think about it. What would our world be like without birds?

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