Big Appetite


I consider it a great accomplishment if I can read one or two novels a year. I love to observe those who devour book after book like there’s no tomorrow!  “Big Appetite” is about that unquenchable quest for knowledge. So many books… so little time… someday?!

This voracious young boy sits on top of a stack of books, avidly reading the one in his hands. He has a huge appetite for even more. Of course, he has placed one on top of his head, anticipating the possibility of transferring knowledge through osmosis! There are many other stacks of books around him, implying that he has an insatiable hunger for knowledge, for exploration, for whatever…!

Gary Lee Price


Big Appetite 56″ [boy only] (Bronze)
Dimensions 56″H x 24″W x 30″D
Weight  175 lbs
Price $15,000.00
Shipping $900.00
Year 2004


Big Appetite 56″ [with all books] (Bronze)
Dimensions 56″H
Weight 275 lbs
Price $37,000.00
Shipping $2,200.00
Year 2004


Big Appetite 21″ (Bronze)
Dimensions 21″H x 7″W x 10″D
Weight 20 lbs
Price $5,900.00
Shipping $354.00
Year 2006


Big Appetite 7″ (Bronze)
Dimensions 7″H x 10″W x 10″D
Weight 15 lbs
Price $1,400.00
Shipping $84.00
Year 2004


****stacks of books available separately