Harvest Joy Kids



Planting and growing things is nothing short of magical. I remember as a youngster planting my first marigold seeds and diligently watering and waiting. Nature did her thing and I was ecstatic! And then as they continued to grow and blossom, well, the magic has never left. This piece represents that magic, that joy that comes via faith, hard work and finally, the splendid results.

Also, in creating this piece I was trying to create a great silhouette. I love sculpting children with arched backs because it is such a great gesture. Having the boy and girl each holding a basket was a great way to not only achieve that look, but have them work together as a team, kind of the yin and yang principle.

Gary Lee Price


Harvest Joy Kids 48″ (Bronze)
Dimensions 48″H x 52″W x 22″D
Weight 450 lbs
Price $26,500.00
Shipping $1,500.00
Year 2002


Harvest Joy Kids 24″ (Bronze)
Dimensions 24″H x 26″W x 10″D
Weight 65 lbs
Price $7,700.00
Shipping $462.00
Year 2001


Harvest Joy Kids 8″ (Bronze)
Dimensions 8″H x 6″W x 3″D
Weight 10 lbs
Price $1,250.00
Year $75.00