Bugs and Bulbs


I remember one of the greatest discoveries of my childhood was planting some marigold seeds, caring for them, and watching the miracle slowly take place right before my eyes. It instilled within me a sense of accomplishment and awe for Mother Nature and the majesty with which she works. This little guy is beginning that journey. Not only do his plants grow, but also his faith and his appreciation for the way things work.

This is the boy version of ‘Candice’ only I had to include a bug – a katydid. My model, Morgan, was very helpful and excited to pose for this sculpture.

Gary Lee Price


Bugs and Bulbs 40″ (Bronze)
Dimensions  40″H x 24″W x 24″D
Weight 100 lbs
Price $12,900.00
Shipping $774.00
Year 1998


Bugs and Bulbs 20″ (Bronze)
Dimensions 20″H x 8″W x 8″D
Weight 20 lbs
Price $3,500.00
Shipping $210.00
Year 2001


Bugs and Bulbs 7″ (Bronze)
Dimensions 7″H x 3″W x 3″D
Weight 6 lbs
Price $720.00
Shipping $43.00
Year 1998