Child of Light (formerly Triumph)


I titled this piece ‘Triumph’ and dedicate it to all those little guys and gals that have conquered nearly insurmountable odds. The first one I presented to Luke Day, a little neighborhood guy, two years old, who was run over by a truck. All odds were against him and yet because of his incredible will, lots of prayers, and a few guardian angels, he triumphed totally. This particular ‘Triumph’ I present to my one year old son Raphael who has battled severe eczema since birth. He struggles daily and slowly overcomes his foe. Watching these brave little people with their incredible inherent will to survive and conquer gives me courage and strength to fight my own battles and reminds me from whence we came.

Gary Lee Price



Celebration of Life aka Triumph 71″ (Bronze)
Dimensions 10″H x 4″W x 4″D
Weight 5 lbs
Price $1000.00
Shipping $60.00
Year 1994