I love eagles and I love circles, particularly the symbolism of both. For me the eagle represents majestic flight and perfect vision and the circle represents a continuum and eternity. 

A beautiful client of mine told me a story a couple of years ago. Her and her husband were out on their Lake Tahoe deck looking skyward when they spotted two beautiful eagles circling each other, catching thermals as they rose ever higher and higher.  My client felt like that was a good omen of her and her husbands loving and successful marriage of many years; he passed on very shortly thereafter. I was very touched she asked me to sculpt that sacred moment she and her husband had experienced together. I felt very honored upon completion, as she decided to place her sculpture on their headstone. She wanted others to enjoy that beautiful symbolism as well; she gave me permission to share it. I offer you ETERNITY in remembrance of those beautiful relationships that go on and on and on, forever. 

Gary Lee Price



Eternity 35″ (Bronze)
Dimensions 35″H x 27″W x 10″D
Weight 65 lbs
Price $8,500.00
Shipping TBD
Year 2019