Journeys of the Imagination II



I have always known that Journeys of the Imagination would one day have a female version, and here she is!

To me, flight represents freedom and rising above our problems and gaining that all so important perspective on life. I feel like I have to take a couple of flights a year just to get off of the earth and regain some of that vision.

Gary Lee Price


Journeys II 50″ (Bronze)
Dimensions 50″H x 32″ W x 22″D
Weight 110 lbs
Price $9,900.00
Shipping $516.00
Year 2017


Journeys II 31″ (Bronze)
Dimensions 31″H x 12″W x 20″D
Weight 35 lbs
Price $4,200.00
Shipping $234.00
Year 2016