New Heights (Pogo-stick Kids)



As I’ve watched our children and their friends catapult themselves up and down on those fun contraptions called pogo sticks, I couldn’t help but want to capture their joy and excitement as they master the balance and synchronicity of this fun toy. It seems very much in the mindset of Leonardo da Vinci to me; a simple but ingenious invention launching children off to new heights of adventure and discovery.

My sons Zac, Isaiah and Tyrone, and lots of their friends, served as models for this piece. It was fun watching them “pogo” hundreds of times without stopping as I photographed them. It was particularly enjoyable playing with the design of the piece and figuring out how to have certain figures suspended in the air. For me its design is kind of an ‘explosion’ of life.

Gary Lee Price



New Heights 90″ (Bronze)
Dimensions 90″H x 84″W x 50″D
Weight 1350 lbs
Price $110,000.00
Shipping $6,600.00
Year 2001


New Heights 12″ (Bronze)
Dimensions 12″H x 12″W x 10″D
Weight 25 lbs
Price $4,650.00
Shipping $279.00
Year 1997