Story Time II



Bronze sculpture of children reading

I grew up reading only to get specific information. I didn’t understand the amount of knowledge that was out there for me to grasp. I didn’t appreciate the treasures waiting to be discovered on the pages between the covers. I didn’t experience the enchantment of story time. I later learned: Ideas. Opinions. Adventures. Enchantment. Oh, the virtues of reading!

‘Story Time II’ depicts two children totally captivated with their books, enthralled by the magical worlds within the pages. The young boy is hunched over his book and looks as though he simply cannot read fast enough. The young girl leans back and looks up as though she is imagining what might happen next. These are happy times.

Item Dimensions Weight Price Shipping  
Intermediate 10.5x18x8 20.00 lbs $3,700.00 $222.00  
Boy Life-Sized 20x20x24 80.00 lbs $8000.00 $480.00  
Girl Life-Sized 25x24x24 80.00 lbs $8000.00 $480.00
Set Life Sized 25″ tall 160.00 lbs $15,500.00 $930.00