Hands of Peace



Hands, which I’ve always been drawn to and love to sculpt, can and often do depict every human emotion and action. The simple gesture of a hand can depict the bestowal of a blessing and love, or a stern condemnation and fight. Open hands symbolize giving and receiving. In ‘HANDS of PEACE’ I’ve purposefully directed my hands heavenward with the gift of peace in the form of a dove and the iconic olive branch. May our hands always be open, willing to give and serve, and never be clenched in preparation for battle or conflict. May peace and goodwill always be in our hearts as we offer up the very best to our Creator and humanity!

Hands of Peace (miniature)

Price: $1400.00
Size: 8″H x 4″W x 4″D
Weight: 5 lbs

Hands of Peace (intermediate)

Price: $25,000.00
Size: 57″H x 22″W x 22″D
Weight: 175 lbs