New Heights of Knowledge: Dreams



I have realized, and have experienced, that knowledge is power. The more knowledge we obtain, the more choices we are free to make and the more empowered we become. So often we limit ourselves because of shortened or narrow perspectives. Books open to us larger and more complete perspectives and ultimately, bigger and more brilliant pictures.

Youth at its best: studying, pondering, learning, growing, dreaming – trying to understand today while coming up with the solutions for tomorrow. These readers elevate to new heights with their continual acquisition of knowledge. The children represent diligent study. The stacks of books represent the higher levels of learning and understanding that come to us through knowledge. I offer to you, ‘New Heights of Knowledge: Dreams’. Read!

Gary Lee Price



Dreams 56″ (Bronze)
Dimensions 56″H x 16″W x 24″D
Weight 200 lbs
Price $16,500.00
Shipping $900.00
Year 2006


Dreams 20″ (Bronze)
Dimensions 20″H x 9″W x 8″D
Weight 35 lbs
Price $4,600.00
Shipping $276.00
Year 2006


Dreams 7″ (Bronze)
Dimensions 7″H x 3″W x 2″D
Weight 5 lbs
Price $875.00
Shipping $53.00
Year 2006