Circle of Peace



Bronze sculpture of children holding hands in a circle

I watched on television an interview with a former white supremacist. At age eighteen, he was imprisoned because of his violent acts. The interview became very interesting to me as he recounted his reformation while in prison.

He told how, prior to his sentence, he vehemently avoided people of other races. Simply: they were to be hated, they were to be abhorred, and they were to be despised. For a time, he was in solitary confinement. Overnight, he was placed in an environment where interaction with men of many colors and from many cultures was a welcome experience. Relationships developed. Biases subsided. Upon release from prison, he found himself free from the prejudices and the bondage that had previously tied his hands and soul.

Today, he takes a radical stand against such actions, like those found in his own sordid past, by speaking out in public forums. He exposes the thought process and violence of hate groups. He coaches a multi-cultural youth hockey team.

This story fascinates me. The prejudice could only occur when there was no interaction. When the associations were built, the barriers were destroyed. Friendships occurred. This idea is what “Circle of Peace” represents; portraying children from all walks of life playing with and enjoying each other. The children form a circle, which represents the continuum of humanity. The clasped hands represent the interaction and cooperation, together with compassion and respect, which engenders humanity. Respect for each other’s uniqueness bridges the gap between any indifference.

I created a space in the circle and it is fascinating to watch children interact with the piece. Quickly, they notice the gap and instantly clasp the two outstretched hands and complete the circle. Each and every person is a vital element in this wonderful circle of life.

Item Dimensions Weight Price Shipping  
Circle of Peace: 5-kids (life-sized) 48″H x 96″W x 96″D 750.00 lbs $75,000.00 $4,500.00  
Circle of Peace: 7-kids (life-sized) 48″H x 120″W x 120″D 1050.00 lbs $105,000.00 $6,300.00  
Circle of Peace: 3-kids (life-sized) 48″H x 60″W x 60″D 400.00 lbs $45,000.00 $2,700.00  
Circle of Peace: 3-kids (miniature) 6″H x 8.5″W x 8.5″D 12.00 lbs $2,000.00 $120.00  
Circle of Peace: 3-kids (small) 10″H x 12″W x 12″D 20.00 lbs $3,900.00 $234.00  
Circle of Peace 7-kids (miniature) w/ opening on base 6″H x 18″W x 18″D 30.00 lbs $5,300.00 $318.00  
Circle of Peace: 7-kids (small) no opening, no base 10″H x 30″W x 30″D 45.00 lbs $7,500.00 $450.00