Interlude was my breakthrough piece. It taught me mass, surface quality and design. No longer did I need to sculpt every feather but rather the suggestion of the form was much more important. The piece was seen in my mind one year before I sculpted it and I guess subconsciously I’d solved all the problems because the piece itself was one of the easiest, fastest pieces I’d ever done, taking about two weeks.

To have it placed as the front entrance piece to the Springville Museum of Art was not only a great honor for me but was like an endorsement for the past ten years of my life. ‘Interlude’ was also installed at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens in Alabama.

Gary Lee Price



Interlude 24″ (Bronze)
Dimensions 24″H x 7″W x 7″D
Weight 25 lbs
Price $4,700.00
Shipping $282.00
Year 1991