Harriet Tubman



Born into slavery and later realized that her destiny was FREEDOM – not only for herself but through the course of history, countless others; and not only physically, but spiritually. She was one of the first ‘abolitionists’ and established an ‘Underground Railroad – a network of likeminded individuals of all races, dedicated to the liberation and freedom of not only her people but of all humankind.

I sculpted Harriet Tubman in one of her rare moments of repose, in order for you to converse with her on the topics of bravery and courage. I sculpted her with a pistol, as she was absolutely resolved to not let even her own family cower and rescind back into captivity and domination, as they fled their captors. She was determined that all people deserve respect and honor and most importantly FREEDOM – the freedom to create their own ‘manifest destiny’ – not that of others!

I truly hope you feel of her indomitable spirit and inherit that for yourself. May we not let her efforts in any way be in vain! THANK YOU, HARRIET.

Item Dimensions Weight Price Shipping Year  
Harriet Tubman 15″ 15″ H x 20″ W x 10″ D 30 lbs $5,700.00 $342.00 2020  
Harriet Tubman 50″  49″ H x 68″ W x 32″ D 500 lbs $50,900.00 $2,994.00 2020