Harriet Tubman



“I present to you my 90% completed clay, 15” tall maquette of HARRIET TUBMAN.  This incredible woman will be next sculpted life-size, and will be the next addition to my bronze series; WOMEN GREAT CONTRIBUTORS. I particularly ‘got into’ this piece, and doing the research on Harriet the past couple of years until I felt like ‘I knew her’.  Thank you Leesa for ‘channeling’ her in your modeling for me in the studio! Last night we watched again, the recently produced movie HARRIET with our dear friends. It was very emotional! After watching the movie I walked back out to my studio and looked to see if I needed to make any changes. I DID! I had to make her gun BIGGER. Harriet carried a BIG ASS GUN!  I had to add a bit to the barrel diameter, length, and handle.
I can’t wait to take this clay study up to Utah tomorrow, have her scanned and milled out of foam – and bring her back to my Arizona STUDIO to sculpt her AGAIN on my life-size bench!!!  HARRIET – I love & honor you for your courage and example and love to HUMANITY!  May we all diligently, sincerely and with the greatest empathy & compassion, follow your beautiful example!”

Harriet Tubman (life size)

Price: $50,900.00
Size: TBD
Year: 2020

Harriet Tubman (miniature)

Price: $5700.00
Size: 15″H x 20″W x 16″D
Year: 2020